General Terms and Conditions

  • Mind the Noise : No speakers or loud music allowed at all times for all coworkers Keep a pleasant and quiet phone voice / Keep the ringer on your cell phone at a civilized level.
  • Facilities should not be used at any time as a storage.
  • Practice leaving no traces : make a goal to leave the work space as if nobody used it. Organizing, wiping surfaces and other small tasks can make a huge difference.
  • **Be friendly and courteous **: Make an effort to keep a pleasant tone, Greet coworkers and listen patiently. This boosts morale and fosters good working relationships. Don’t take three seats at the shared table when you’ve only rented one. If someone looks like they are busy and concentrating on something, they probably are and do not want to be interrupted.
  • Be aware of scents : If you like a certain perfume, lotion or air freshener, make sure that it is subtle. Since some people may be sensitive to smells, it is optimal to skip the perfume.
  • Try to make connections : One of the biggest benefits of shared working spaces is the networking opportunities. Reach out to other renters or coworkers, and get to know them and what they do. These connections can be valuable and can help earn you some word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Be a courteous eater : Shared working spaces mean shared eating spaces in many instances. If you eat at the office, it is better to choose mild foods that do not leave strong odors. When you finish eating, you can keep everyone happy by throwing away your trash and taking care of your dishes. Also, you set a good example to the others. If you spill something – coffee, tea, whatever – please clean it up. Don’t eat someone else’s food or drink their beverages that you happened to ‘find’ in the refrigerator. It’s someone in your company’s birthday and you bought a big cake. Happy birthday, someone! Don’t toss other people’s food from the refrigerator to make room for the cake. Rearrange the items.
  • Only use your allowed space : When people find shared office space for rent, they usually have permission for certain areas. If you do not use extra unauthorized space, you ensure that other workers have access to their needed spaces, and this helps people build respect for one another.
  • Don’t overbook or overstay in conference rooms : If you know that time's up, try your best to vacate the room in a timely manner so that the next people up don't spend ten minutes waiting.
  • **Keep the kitchen/break room clean **: It is most likely the heart of any coworking space, a communal place that everyone can share meals or chat over a cup of tea or coffee. So it's easier if everyone tries to do their part in keeping it tidy as much as possible, perhaps by putting things back where they belong, and washing the cups and utensils you've used whenever possible. Dont eat others’ food :).
  • The office manager is not your personal secretary. Do not treat him/her as if he/she is.
  • Don’t assume that the items that are available for public use are there solely for you. That’s why it’s called a ‘shared’ space.
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